Cooking Up Practical Service Awards Ideas

You may have discovered a growing trend towards the practical.  This often extends to your employees’ service awards choices.  Perhaps your employees are leaning more towards something they need around the house, instead of something they’ve just plain always wanted.  But we feel these two things can merge quite nicely.  Yes, many of the more useful service awards may stray from becoming any sort of a keepsake, but there are some items that can be of great use – and value – to your employees long after the awards presentation is over.  Take, for instance, kitchen items.

We’re not talking cheap electric blenders and quickly-forgotten avocado colored fondue pots, either.  We’re talking practical, quality, enjoyable items to make that very necessary event – dinner – more fun.  And thanks to the great popularity of television’s cooking shows these days, more and more people are excited about adding something new and useful in the kitchen.  We’ve selected a few of the items we carry to share with you here.

Take, for instance, this Top Chef 9-piece knife set (pictured above left), officially licensed by Bravo TV and inspired by the popular cooking show.  Knife sets have always been a sought-after item in service awards, and it’s no wonder.  They make cooking preparation easy – even a pleasure – yet most people don’t invest in a good set, no matter how much they may want one.  A good set like this one will easily last a lifetime.

How about a solid set of cookware?  When times are tight, this is another item your employees will appreciate not having to purchase for themselves; and when a great set is part of your awards program, they may just be giving themselves a welcome upgrade from their current set.  Cuisinart has made a name for itself, and this 10-piece nonstick cookware set will definitely hold its own in the kitchen.  A good quality cookware set is another great practical item that will last years longer than the average lifestyle item.

Most families enjoy pulling together great feasts for the holidays, and with the feasts come great preparation.  Having something around like this Waring Roaster Oven will make life much easier.  Capable of roasting an 18-pound turkey, chefs will have their entire oven free for the rest of the dinner.  And next time you have an office potluck, you may even be able to convince them to prepare their famous baked beans for the whole crew!  Now, that’s incentive for everyone!

Adding practical service awards to your incentive program can be a welcome addition – just be sure to choose quality items that will give your valued employees years of daily home use.  Family life tends to revolve around the kitchen, so there’s no doubt adding some cooking items as recognition awards will give you one hot program!

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  • Cooking Up Practical Service Awards Ideas #serviceawards #incentives #hr

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    Cooking Up Practical Service Awards Ideas #serviceawards #incentives #hr

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