Games & Sports Items as Service Awards

For some people, a game or a sports item makes the perfect service award.  To them, it represents relaxation, fun, and time spent with family.  The possibilities are endless here: equipment for the family game room, camping items, golfing, fishing, fitness.  Overall, this group of awards encapsulates the sorts of things many of your employees may like to own, but might not spring for on their own.  Here are a few of our suggestions.

This Viscount Leather Backgammon Set (pictured left) is great for getting the whole family together, or for an evening of entertainment with friends.  It’s a luxurious set with a genuine leather carrying case and a suede playing field. Not your average electronic game that will be outdated by next year, the quality of this set will be around for a very long time.

Here’s a fun item for the family.  Metal detectors have come a long way over the years, and this Delta is a state-of-the-art unit with an LCD target readout. Of course the great excitement with a metal detector is the thought of what might be found!  Treasure hunters and explorers will enjoy having this as part of their service awards selection.

Chances are you have a few golf lovers on your staff.  While some service awards programs like to offer golf clubs, that can be a bit tricky for the recipient to choose.  Will they work for him or her?  Are they the right size? Instead of going with the clubs themselves, how about all the extras that make the game more enjoyable and exciting for the enthusiast?  There are a number of kits available here at General Motivation.  One of our favorites is this Golfer’s Perfect Accessory Set. The included Swiss Army Golf Tool is a must-have on the course.  It’s paired with a set of Callaway golf balls and presented in a collector’s tin. A practical shoe bag designed just for golfers; tees and a divot tool are included. Fob watch and fine leather scorecard holder complete the set.

Whether your employee is looking for something to enhance family time or tee time, there is a wide array of items you can add to your incentive awards to make games and sports lovers excited to hit that special years-of-service level. (For more information on these and other ideas, feel free to give us a call at 1-888/664-6449. Perhaps we can set up a friendly game of backgammon.  We’ll provide the snacks.)

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